Nora Cortiñas: “Let’s raise our voice for the resistance of Kurdish women”

On May 16, Nora Cortiñas of the founding members of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo during the launch of the book that recalls her biography, dedicated, in a full room in a symbolic place of the workers’ struggle “Bauen” in Buenos Aires, a long speech to the historical resistance of the Kurdish people and the pioneering action of struggle carried on by Leyla Guven.

In each on of Nora Cortiñas’ words, the collective strength of The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo who have a history of resistance against the dictatorship and repressive machine of state violence in the country, was evident.

“It is thanks to the common strength, with the other mothers, to the collective struggle, that this circle of love for our children and our daughters has given us the strength to continue and move forward”

As she spoke, on May 16, the white scarves of Kurdish mothers occupied the Turkish parliament with their bodies. The mothers of the Plaza de Mayo feel that burst into the Argentine dictatorship as today Kurdish mothers are invading the squares and the streets out of the prisons against the climax of the fascist and genocidal dictatorship in Turkey.

Speaking at length, faced with a similar pattern of state violence that she experienced deeply during the dictatorship in Argentina, Nora Cortiñas called on the hundreds of participants to see in the resistance of the Kurdish people the historical and anticipatory mirror of their own action in the struggle directed to human rights, to never give up.

“It is necessary to raise our voices for the revolutionary struggle of Kurdish women, who give courage to the whole world.”

Leyla Guven wrote six days earlier about the repression experienced by the mothers of the Kurdish political prisoners: “Let nobody relieve their consciences by uttering sorrowful words regarding the violence committed against Kurdish mothers. It is those mothers that have shown us a new way by putting their lives on the line to solve a problem that numerous politicians couldn’t. Our part could only be to walk on this path. Let us promise them an honorable peace”

Recalling the historic energy of her meeting with Leyla Guven, who received her Argentinan guest on the 115th day of her hunger strike, Nora Cortiñas reiterated how, in order to honor the resistance of mothers in Argentine and the justice for their sons and daughters, it is urgent and important to honor and raise the voice for the more than ten thousand people on hunger strike on more than 190 days of the starting action of Leyla Guven.

“To break definitively the system of isolation, against every human right, of Abdullah Ocalan, who has been relegated for more than 20 years in the Island-prison of Imrali, because his imprisonment is the isolation imposed on an entire people”

After the profound words of Claudia Korol, the whole day began in silence with a poem by Alejandro Haddad dedicated to the Kurdish struggle, read by Liliana Daunes.

They do not want to live always dying

they clean their rifle wishing it to be the last time

They know that they do not want to be this way forever

that the war must die before them

finding in words what weapons do not achieve

Because the arms make children cry

they scare the birds

produce earthquakes and frighten the fish

Because wars corrupt the neighbor, end with the flowers

cover the air with smoke and unpaint the human landscape.

They no longer want the generals to do business,

nor their gunpowder factories

nor their inventions of junk food.

That’s why they break the military siege

with dialogue on the lips

and peace in the heart.

They carry a lot of proposals in their backpacks

and another pile of ears on their skin,

also a basket with food,

water, fruits, a brand new flag

and a gun just in case.