7000 posters against the isolation

On April 25, activists in Germany launched a poster campaign to draw attention to the 7,000 prisoners on hunger strike demanding the end of the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan.

The campaign launched by Tatort Kurdistan and the feminist movement ‘Gemeinsam Kämpfen’ (‘Let’s fight together’), is called # 7000 against isolation (# 7000gegenIsolation).

Activists were asked to use their imagination and give way to their creativity to put up posters in corners and places of the German cities. 

Many posters draw attention to the situation of Leyla Güven and the prisoners, others carried photos of the hunger strikers in Strasbourg and South Kurdistan, Wales and Canada.

The Störtebeker and Zitronenjette statues, on of the symbols of Hamburg, as well as many other monuments were used to spread the news and call for solidarity with the hunger strikers. 

In Berlin and Magdeburg, red paint was poured on the squares to draw attention to the health status of hunger strikers.

Similarly, posters were hanged in cities such as Leipzig, Bielefeld, Munich, Hannover, Tübingen, Celle and Bonn. Activists also took photos of posters hanging all day long and shared them on social media with the hashtag ‘#7000gegenIsolation’.

The promoters of the action want to continue their solidarity initiatives to get more people involved and concerned about the situation of the hunger strikers. They try to push the Berlin administration to act.

In addition to public spaces such as schools, train stations and metro stations, posters were placed on vehicles, bikes, balconies and trees. German activists are expected to continue to hang posters for a while.

On May 11th, an action is planned in Düsseldorf to form a human chain of 7000 people – from the main train station to the local parliament – against the isolation.