4 people have ended their lives in protest against isolation and silence

Since the launch of hunger strike actions demanding the end of isolation against Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish people, four people have lost their life, three of them being prisoners.

On March 24, political prisoner Zehra Sağlam jailed in Oltu T Type Closed Prison in Erzurum province, has ended her life to protest the isolation of Öcalan.

On March 17, political prisoner Zülküf Gezen ended his life to protest the isolation in Tekirdağ Prison where he was jailed. Gezen was laid to rest in the Yeniköy Cemetery in Amed (Diyarbakır).

Ûgûr Şakar, who had set himself on fire in Krefeld, Germany, on 20 February to protest the isolation, lost his life on 22 March in the hospital he was being treated in.

ANF Images

Ayten Beçet jailed in Gebze Women’s Closed Prison, ended her life in protest against the isolation on Saturday, 23 March.

The Turkish authorities prevent the reception of the corpses and secretly confine them to the presence of the closest relatives at night, shielded by police forces. Meetings of the mourners were dissolved with water cannons. In the prisons, the hunger strikers are treated with extreme brutality. The hunger strikers are isolated from the other prisoners and are no longer allowed to receive visits from relatives due to so-called disciplinary punishments.

In Germany, too, the government is taking action against those who oppose the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan with extreme violence and an unprecedented ban on the use of images. So any representations of Öcalan are forbidden as soon as they are related to the demands of the Kurdish society.