Irmgard Hofer, WILPF Germany: I think of you with compassion

Irmgard Hofer, chairwoman of the German section of the International Women’s League for Peace and Freedom, wrote a letter to Leyla Güven. In the letter, Hofer expresses her solidarity with the resistance of HDP member of parliament Leyla Güven and her demand for the lifting of Abdullah Öcalan’s isolation.

The letter reads:

“Dear Mrs. Güven,

Since 1915, the International Women’s League for Peace and Freedom has been campaigning for equal rights for women and an end to all wars. From our annual meeting (16-17 March) in Berlin we send you warm greetings.

As we have learned, you too are committed to equal rights and, as mayor, have taken measures to protect women from violence. They were arrested for political reasons and were elected from prison as HDP deputies and remained in political captivity. Instead of negotiating peace with you and your fellow parliamentarians*, you are being persecuted by the Turkish government in violation of human rights and deprived of your democratic rights.

You left prison and went on a long hunger strike. You are protesting against the war in Efrin as well as the Turkish army’s attack on Rojava and demanding the lifting of the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan. This is how you use your own body in non-violent resistance.

Your attitude deserves respect and solidarity. I think of you with compassion. I hope that you will receive all the social and medical assistance you need, as you have been released from prison and that house arrest has been lifted.

Your Irmgard Hofer