Lorena Cabnal and Mamá Maquin’s women: your name, Leyla, will accompany our cerimonial fire

Sister Leyla Guven,

receive our warm hugs and greetings, from the northern part of Iximulew-Guatemala, as Mayan sisters, Xincas sisters, also mestizas sisters, historical women who are here joining your struggle, the struggle of the women of the Kurdish movement.
We are here today between women who also come from an historical struggle as former combatants at the time of the counterinsurgency war in this country, Guatemala. And here we are to send to you our strength, our vitality, our joy, rebellion, our transgressions.
Your struggle, sister, is also our struggle!
We as Mayan women and from our cosmogonies, we light our cerimonial fire. Your name will accompany us this afternoon, and also the names of the women of the Kurdish movement will be present here. Today, the 5 Tijax of our Mayan calendar, we also send the healing force, the strength of the mountains, of the big stones and of the small ones, of the rivers, the volcanoes, we send to you the strength of the historical women fighters, the female warriors, the balames women.
From here our embrace, so that your body and your spirit have strength and energy. So that the roads continue to be opened with wisdom for struggle, life and justice of the peoples of the world and of all the women!

Lorena Cabnal – Maya-xinka, Feminista comunitaria Territorial, Integrante de la Red de Sanadoras Ancestrales del Feminismo Comunitario Territorial desde Iximulew-Guatemala

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Kurdish comrades and sisters,

from the organization of Guatemalan women Mamà Maquin, who are in the corner of our country called Iximulew-Guatemala, we send a cordial greeting, but also our energy and strength towards you. Go ahead, compañeras, do not get discouraged in your struggle, because your struggle is our struggle! Because we want to free ourselves from the injustice of the oppression of the riches, of capitalism, of neoliberalism, of the structural system. From here we send this encouragement, this embrace, this energy, this strength to you. We have to unite if we want to change the world, to permit a life free of violence for women, for indigenous peoples and also for our territory Mother Land! Go ahead companeras!
From here we send greetings to the Kurdish sisters and comrades from the organization Mamà Maquin’s Women. Keep going, do not faint, because we, the women, we can do all!
Greetings to Leyla and to all the Kurdish compañeras! Force and encouragement for you all! Our energies of the Mamà Maquin organization are with you. We continue the struggle to defend rights!
The strength of women walks around the world!
Strength sister Leyla, we are with you!
Women are always going to be in the struggle.

Mamá Maquin’s Women

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