Swedish writer Anna Jörgensdotter: Turkey’s death machines must be stopped now

Swedish writer Anna Sofia Elisabet Jörgensdotter said Leyla Guven’s demands should be met and the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan should end. Jörgensdotter recorded a video message for the ANF and, pointing out the long hunger strike Leyla Guven and political prisoners have been on, said: “Leyla Guven was arrested a year ago for posting on social media that she objects to Turkey’s invasion of Afrin. Now Turkey and their military forces have seriously set their sights on Rojava, the heart of Kurdistan.” Jörgensdotter criticized Turkey’s threats against Rojava and added that a 12-year-old child was killed by Turkish military forces in Southern Kurdistan recently: “We on the outside world cannot turn a blind eye to these constant attacks against Kurds. Turkey’s death machines must be stopped now.” Jörgensdotter said Rojava should be able to continue developing in peace and show the rest of the world that an alternative and democratic administration can in fact be formed. The Swedish writer stressed that she is in solidarity with Leyla Guven and the hunger strikers who continue to fight Erdogan’s terrorism.