Pascale Martin, president of Femmes Solidaires: we support Kurdish women and Leyla’s hunger strike

“We support Kurdish women and Leyla’s hunger strike. We know that she is now in the dangerous days” said Martin and continued: “we have been in solidarity with Kurdish women who have been fighting with great energy for a long time. We hope that us standing together will change some things. There was great protest against people including women and children being arrested under unacceptable conditions in the Les Femmes Solidaires administration meeting. It’s impossible not to do something. Meanwhile, there is a vital danger in this courageous fight Leyla is in. Some things need to change. I admire the Kurdish people’s resistance against the Erdogan dictatorship”. Martin pointed out that they also show solidarity with the hunger strike in Strasbourg and said: “It is not set exactly yet, but we are in the process of arranging a visit. I send them all our solidarity now. We will continue our connections with the Kurdish people and stand with them in all their events, participating in them together.” Pascale Martin, Chairperson of Les Femmes Solidaires de Dordogne, proposed a campaign to send letters to political prisoners and added that they “will do their part in this effort as well”.