From Brazil to Kurdistan, Monica Benicio for Leyla Guven: let’s break the silence

The wave of feminist solidarity continues for the HDP MP held in Turkish prison on 75 days’ hunger strike. Marielle Franco’s partner calls for International attention in a video

From the incessant struggle of resistance of women in Brazil against Bolsonaro’s fascism to Erdogan’s Turkey, the words of support of Monica Benicio, Marielle Franco’s partner – human rights defendert and member of the PSOL – denounce and bring to the attention of all the women and international human rights institutions the critical conditions of HDP member Leyla Guven.

Guven is detained in Turkey, has been on hunger strike for more than 75 days against the war of invasion of Kurdistan, against the political repression led by the dictator Erdogan and for the end of the isolation of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, who has always held a key role in initiating negotiations for a peace process.

In solidarity with the situation of Leyla Guven, Monica Benicio has addressed a message across borders saying that the struggle of Leyla, Marielle and Kurdish women are the same struggle. For freedom. Breaking the currents, breaking the silence and continuing to build bridges across us all.

With a letter released in the New York Times, words of support for the action of Kurdish deputy Leyla Guven had been released a few days ago by Angela Davis. Dense, intimate words of strength and closeness have also appeared in a letter written by the Palestinian People’s Liberation Front, Leila Khaled, who define the heroic action of the Kurdish deputy of the Democratic Peoples Party HDP as a world example of insubordination in favor of life, an example of struggle for all women in the world.

Monica Benicio incites to break the silence, the passivity and the indifference recalling the international human rights institutions and every single person to the need of an urgent dissent and mobilization

“Leyla has been on hunger strike for two months after her arrest in Turkey. Through this video I want to draw the attention of international human rights institutions and I want to draw the attention of all people, because we want justice for Leyla Guven in the same way that we request it for Marielle Franco. Let’s stop making the lives of women who defend human rights worthy only after their deaths. Let Leyla Guven being released. For us, the struggle for her is the struggle for the life of all women “.

by D.A.

source: dinamopress (

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