The struggle for peace is part of the women’s struggle for freedom

Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Co-Chair Sebahat Tuncel wrote a letter on 25 November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on behalf of political female prisoners held hostage in Kandıra Prison.

Since the beginning of the male-dominated system, violence, exploitation and discrimination are systematic persecution that women face. Women in all periods of history have been faced with oppression, exploitation, physical, sexual, class violence and have challenged patriarchy. The history of women’s struggle for equality and freedom is also the history of women’s struggle for existence, recognition and equal citizenship.

Patriarchy aims at excluding women from all spheres of life by imprisoning them in the private sphere; it exploits the position of women in the house by reproducing the traditional female-masculinity roles; it approaches women through the role of maternity, rather than as an equal individual. In working life, discrimination against women, mobbing, labor exploitation, precarious, flexible and unorganized working conditions are imposed.

Women try to create a free future for themselves and society by resisting against the capitalist order, inequality, gender, nationalist, militarist policies that justify male state violence and women’s inequality.

Women are organizing themselves all over the world to establish their own future. With women’s networks of solidarity, we remind ourselves that we are not alone, and go on the streets and continue to build life, freedom, peace and justice.

The successors of Mirabel sisters who raised the banner of democracy, freedom and resistance against dictator Trujillo in the Dominican Republic are raising the resistance against all authoritarian, oppressive, fascist governments and dictators today. The achievements of women who lead the Rojava revolution, and in particular the struggle for the establishment of a democratic, ecological, women libertarian system, represents a hope for all women who say another life is possible and reinforce the belief that a future where women are free is possible.

On 25 November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, peace is one of the most important demands highlighted by women. Especially when we consider the reality of war in the geography we live in, we see how urgent and important the demand for peace is. War causes sexual violence against women, increased physical violence, poverty, forced migration; it leads to the pillage of nature, habitats, the usurpation of the right to life; it darkens the future of women, children. That is why the demand of a secure future for peace and a struggle for peace are part of the women’s struggle for freedom. Peace is not just a silence of weapons; is to guarantee a fair, equal, democratic, ecological libertarian life.

In Turkey, a democratic libertarian and peaceful solution of the Kurdish question is important for the co-existence of peoples, various faith groups and women. The peace struggle pioneered by women will ensure the equality and brotherhood of the peoples.

In this regard, we salute the hunger strike started by Kurdish women’s movement’s leading figure, Hakkari MP and our comrade Leyla Güven demanding that Turkey put an end to the absolute isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan who made efforts for the peace of Turkey’s peoples.

We believe that Güven’s action will contribute to women’s struggle for peace and we say “Leyla Güven’s demand is our demand”. We underline once again that ending the isolation regime imposed on Mr. Öcalan and ensuring his health, safety and freedom are important for social peace.

On this day millions of women raise their voice to stop war, violence, harassment, rape, inequality, exploitation, fascism, dictatorship.

We, as political women prisoners in Kandira jail send our greetings to all our sisters and women who say “Jin Jiyan Azadî” [Woman, Life, Freedom].